Here is our 2017 -2018 "NOT SO Board of Directors!" Each of these folks have now dedicated some serious time in the next year to make all the calls and decisions that go into running our organization. They volunteer their brains, their back and all for one reason: so that we can maybe leave this place in a little better shape than it was, and have a good time doing it. They help put the "purpose" in "Party with a Purpose!" So let's be proud to present:

Panama City Parrot Head Club's

2017-2018 Board of Directors

President Jeff Brewer

  Below are some other "unelected positions" that help keep this club going on. A lot of work goes on, from a lot of people, "below the radar" that we want to make sure we recognize and appreciate their service!




Geno Redmon

Social Chair - OPEN
The Social Chair helps us have PHUN!!! The Social chair looks for ways to keep us supporting the community while partying for a purpose!

Judy Miler


Membership Chair – Bonnie Tyree

Membership Chair is the Heart of the Club, the position takes care of our Membership Roster as well as collecting members dues, and retention of Old Members. The Membership Dues are the Clubs operating funds.

OPEN! (help!)

Merchandise Chair – Sharon and Ken Boyk
Merchandise Chair takes care of our General Store, maintain inventory of T-Shirts, Trinkets, Pins, as well as researching new items. This involves manning the Booth once a Month at the Meeting on the first Friday at our Home Port until 8:00 PM. This is a position that drives our retail sales which really helps with operating funds.

Member At Large
Jan Turk

Green Parrot – Wayne and Jan Turk
The Green Parrot is our collective Environmental Conscience. Parrot Head Clubs are considered to be Environment Friendly, and we have our own stretch of Highway that we clean. It runs in front of Margaritaville. The Green Parrot is in charge of organizing both Hwy, Beach and Island Cleanup events.

Member At Large Ken Boyk

Photo Chair - Linda Reisdorf

The Photo Chair keeps up with the picture taking at all events, posting them to our Photo Album, this gives us a History of our Events, Phlockings, Meetings, etc. This position shows no favor for pictures from these events.

Bottom line--if you don't want to see it on the web page or on Facebook--DON'T DO IT! :)
And by the way, a good handful of unelected "officers" always show up, help, and volunteer. Pholks who are are always ready to lend a hand. You know who you are, and all the rest of us know too. This club would not be what it is without the efforts of a whole lot of Panama City Parrot Heads. FINS UP!
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