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Conch Republic
Sauce Boss
Tall Paul and Ramajay Intercoastal
Dave Herzogs.... Island Time Band
Captain Josh
John Reno
Steve Hopper
Dani Hoy
From 1:00 pm on Friday, April 25th, till somewhere around 5:30 pm on Sunday, April 27th, your favorite Trop Rock bands will be serenading us with the tones of Trop Rock over the most beautiful beaches in the world (and they don't pay us to say that--we just say it anyway!). Registration is open--but running out! We will get more band information up soon as we can! But have faith--our 2014 lineup just might be the BEST EVER!

FOR HOTEL or CONDO reservations at Legacy by the Sea or Beachbreak by the Sea: For the Parrot Head rate there is a 2 night minimum. For reservations call 888-627-0625 and ask for Sara, Tammy or Samantha. Tell them you are a Parrot Head and at that point the reservationist can give rates and availability. Hotel/Condo reservations with the Parrot Head Rendezvous rates can only be made by phone.

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